Friday, April 30, 2010

CSCCa in Orlando Florida

Next week I will be heading down to the CSCCa National Conference in Orlando, FL to hang out with the Fitness Anywhere crew and put on some early am workouts. I'm looking forward to seeing some great friends and to talk shop with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches on the planet. I am also planning to shoot a couple of 'Snatches & Beer' interviews with some coaches for our new membership site that is set to launch June 1, 2010!

I had an amazing time putting on my TRX workshop in Eugene at the University of Oregon and the feedback that we received from the collegiate strength coaches was awesome. The TRX will no doubt be infiltrating collegiate weight rooms all over the country very, very soon!

Check out this amazing TRX Strength and Conditioning video that Fitness Anywhere has put together!
If you haven't already pick-up your TRX P2 system.....get one NOW and DO WORK!

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