Monday, May 11, 2009

Cougar Strength

My Winter/Spring intern Nick Wagner put together a great compilation video of what we do in our programs day in and day out. Thanks to Nick for all his hard work as he heads back to North Dakota to wrap up his undergraduate degree!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Power Cleans" vs. "Cleans"

It never ceases to amaze me when internet gurus insist on picking holes in my training videos. The funniest one is a blog that was forwarded to me drilling me about the form that "I allow" in my weight room. It was a power clean sequence of one of my kids pulling 333 x 3 reps. yes I say 'PULLING' as you can see if you take it frame by frame to make sure the he gets complete quadruple extension each rep (and that he does...this is the entire reason we incorporate Oly lifts BTW). The knock is that his feet are too wide etc. Oh yeah, I teach all of my kids to catch with their feet wide all the time (please note the sarcasm). I have females and lots of my male athletes who I can vid that would display clinic form on their lifts...I just happen to think that 333 x 3 is pretty special. here is the vid in question....

Here is another one of my kids pulling 286 x 3.....haven't heard much internet hating on this one although it was one of the very first YouTube vids I posted....

Lastly, for the 'gurus' who have somehow become experts at the Oly lifts behind their computer desks I need to clarify something. At the blog where I got hammered on allowing such awful form they posted an example (see below) of what they considered a 'good power clean'. One problem, it's not a Power clean. This is why I have a prob with internet wizard trainers, when you don't know the difference between a 'power clean' and a 'clean' or 'squat clean' you probably shouldn't be hosting a 'fitness blog' (what exactly does that even mean? 'Fitness Blog'...sigh).

My vids are up on YouTube for you to peruse.....unedited, real-world training. Enjoy.