Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vegas workout.....

I sorta dig Las Vegas.....okay, okay, I LOVE Vegas! We've all heard that saying "What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas" right? Well, not this time my friends....I wanted to tell everyone about a very cool, effective, and butt kicking workout that my good friend Matt Durant and I cranked out last weekend in a semi-hungover haze. First off our training goals in Vegas are quite simple and normally follow this 5-step process....

#1 Get your butt up in the morning and to the weight room
#2 Burn as many calories as you can in a short period of time
#3 Feel good about completing this session
#4 Party-hearty
#5 Repeat.....

Well, the partying part normally takes care of itself.....because of this, we NEED to be diligent about getting some training in. Anyway, my boy Matty came up with this little number...try this on for size....

-Superset #1 - Db 1-arm hang snatch 3 x 5, Free Motion cable push-pull rotation 3 x 10

-Superset #2 - DB Flat bench, Free Motion full-body cable wood chop

-Tri-set #1 - Pull-ups, 15lb. med ball burpees with jump, 1 min. eliptical sprint on highest incline Using a 10-8-6-4-2 set progression but keeping the eliptical sprint at 1 min.

-Countdown #1 - Lunge variation + push-up variations using a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 progression, alternating exercises

Short, sweet, butt-kicking...what more could you ask for in Sin City?! After that we hit the spa for some relaxation then off to business as usual in the best little city on the planet!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm"....

The Amazon.com reviews of my book have been amazing, the feedback is awesome. I often read reviews where people say that some info was missing etc. yet if you read the entire book, this info can usually be found in there somewhere. This is the first time I have ever seen someone review my book WITHOUT ever reading it. I liken this to people who say they hate the Atkins diet or the Ornish diet but have never actually read the books.

The funny thing is that if you read the review, it's actually pretty positive. The fact that your home gym set-up makes it difficult/impossible to perform my workouts warrants a 2-star rating? Sigh.......

My be better suited for some..., April 20, 2008
By ________________
I try not to review items that I do not actually own, however I have done a lot of research on the book (including forum chats with the author and others on the program) and it became clear that this workout, while very effective, is very hard to do in a home gym. I was very close to buying the book. People who use this program seem to rave about it, but at the same time the program itself prevents more people from doing the program. I work out in a home gym, but I do not have one of the key pieces of equipment that is pretty essential to the program - a power rack. This is a simple, but very large piece of equipment that I do not have room for in my home gym. After spending close to $2,000 on home gym equipement (and getting very good results with that equipment) I am not willing to a) buy a gym membership, or b) replace the equipment that I am already getting good results with. This is a bit of a shame because I really like the principals and ideas that the book is founded on, as well as the ability to design your own program. Perhaps one day when I move into a bigger house and have room for a power rack and stacks of free weights, I will give this workout a shot. That being said right now this workout is not for me, but for those who have access to all of the equipment (and space... you also need higher ceilings! My basement ceiling is a bit low for some of the exercises too) you will have better luck with the program.

The awesome thing is that there are a bunch of GREAT reader follow-up comments to this review. Thanks again to all of my supporters!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warp Speed Fat loss is HERE!

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT pump a bunch of products from others in the industry. Well, here I go.....my good Friend and fat Loss WIZARD Alwyn Cosgrove has teamed-up with nutrition expert Mike Roussell (cough-cough, author of the nutrition chapter of the best-selling Men's Health Power Training) to create a 28-day Extreme diet and weight loss system called "Warp Speed fat Loss". If you buy just ONE fat-loss program, BUY THIS ONE! This is the real-deal folks.....Bill Hartman did this program and I barely recognized him when i just saw him in Chicago. Bill lost 20+ lbs. of fat and is looking Jack-Dizzle these days. Mike Robertson also did the program and lost 10lbs. in 2 weeks....trust me folks, this baby works!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Combination lifts -

This is one of our favorite combo lifts in our Cougar Strength Programs. This is one of our volleyball athletes performing a power shrug + hang clean + front step-up....a brutally tough combo but one that can be done with a decent amount of weight. Heather is throwing around approx. 120lbs. here.

Remember that the Combination lifting DVD that Alwyn Cosgrove and myself made is still available with the free 12-week bonus cardio-strength program download! Also, don't forget that the nearly 3 hours of footage from the 2 DVD Olympic lifting hands-on seminar / Program design set is now available as well!