Friday, February 6, 2009

Save 20% on Coach Dos' two Brand New DVD's!

Both the CHAOS sport-speed and the Sleds & Ladders DVD are now ready for distribution. I've been talking about them for about a week now and have even posted a couple of clips from each (see earlier posts). I have decided to run a special when you buy both DVD's over 20% off the DVD prices! See descriptions and clips below.


CHAOS Sport Speed Training. This is the highly acclaimed lecture that Coach Dos has given all over the country and has influenced conditioning programs worldwide. Formatted in the actual lecture format with slides and video clip examples, this DVD covers the rationale behind CHAOS training, the research affirming these effective speed training methods, and sound progressions for implementing these exercises into your existing programs. There is also an additional 17 action packed minutes of CHAOS training clips and instruction at the end of the lecture. This is the one sport-speed DVD you will refer to again and again!

Sleds & Ladders. In this DVD you will get a huge array of drill ideas including dynamic warm-up drills. Sled training using the Sled Dawg (including upper body rope pulling sled exercises). Some of the best ladder drills around including over-speed and under-speed training using mini-bands. You will be using drills from this DVD the moment you finish watching!