Monday, July 23, 2007

Internet forum 'Haterz'....

Man, does this shit ever end? Did you know that there are entire populations of people that hang out on internet forums, piling up thousands and thousands of meaningless posts all in an attempt to belittle fitness 'experts' on the www? Notice that I have experts in quotes since, as I have said many times before, many of these gurus don't actually train anyone. While I may not dig much of what many of these experts have to say, I find it hard to justify taking time out of my day to track theses 'experts' posts, read their articles, check there blogs and then go back to some circle jerk forum to talk shit about it. Yup, this is what these losers do folks. A good friend of mine emailed me his take on these ass-hats....I think it about nails it on the head.

There's a slew of internet fitness/nutrition "geniuses" that slither around the internet popping into message boards to show how smart they are. They spend a lot of time doing it because they desperately want to be heard, but the real world simply doesn't care what they have to say.

Damn, that's perfect isnt' it?! Nobody gives a shit what they have to say....nobody guys. Keep reading internet 'research' articles, skim your functional anatomy books for all the right words, post your pathetic, sub-par vids on means shit. You're still just a poser....a wannabe.....a bleacher bum who is jealous of real-life professionals. Hey, keep posting though...who knows, someday, having 5,000+ posts on 5 different sites might actually result in monetary gains. Maybe someday you'll get the respect of real people, not interet forumites who won't even post their real names. Okay, maybe not.

As I said before, it is flattering yet about as Buffalo Bill-creepy as it gets to know that people are tracking my every move, my posts, my blog, my forum statistics....get a life geniuses. Gotta go take a shower now..ewww. BTW, it's nothing new folks. How do you get attention? Well, you can be great at something and get praise or you can be the jerk-off in the back of the classroom that keeps interrupting class and making crude remarks....hmmm, wonder which ones these guys are?

P.S. Watch how fast excerpts from this blog post will appear on some dos-bashing web forum thread. Ha Ha!

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