Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Internet Trainers Part DEUX!

Ugh! Here we go again.... so a while back a trainer from Canada decided to email a good friend of mine to tell him that he was too skinny and too fat to give training advice and that multiple bouts of fighting cancer was no excuse for his physical state. Being the person that I am, I emailed this trainer and basically asked him if he was A) psychotic B) stupid or C) a little of both. It turns out that he was a lot of both. I was forwarded his blog from a couple of months after and the guy calls me out by name as 'randomly' emailing him one day to tell him that he had a chicken-neck and birth-giving hips (okay, okay so I did throw a few jabs at him...) and that I said something about celebrity trainers not knowing anything. First off, I would NEVER email someone for no reason and say something like that. Secondly, I never actually called him a celebrity trainer since I don't believe that training one of the Olsen Twins would actually classify you as a trainer. I mean, how would one of those sessions go? "Hey Ashley/Mary Kate, eat this sandwich and don't move around too much....gotta get ready for swimsuit season". Anyway, I digress, the thing that this really comes down to is the whole idea of throwing stones when you live in a glass house. I mean, are you really going to call someone out on his physique while you have an incredibly awkward one yourself? (and DIDN'T have to go through 2 massive bouts of chemo...) This is why I think there is actually something not right with this guy....he goes out of his way to email someone to tell him that cancer is no big deal (and at the same time also talked smack about Valerie Waters, a REAL celebrity trainer who actually knows what she's doing) in the process. Why? I would normally say that there is some other underlying issue but there isn't....this dude is just a jackass....there's a lot of them out there folks. Welcome to the World Wide Web!!!!