Thursday, December 20, 2007

Has the pendulum swung back the other way again?!

Ugh.....are we back to the "stand on one foot - atop a dyna disc - doing 5 lb. bicep curls" workouts again?! I'm afraid we might be folks. The crazy things I used to see a few years ago are being seen more and more in my gym. There was a time when my gym looked like a training facility for Circue De Soleil wannabes and while it's no where near the old "bubble boy workouts" (my favorite term for some of the infamous Swiss ball 'exercises' I used to see), it seems to me that trainers are starting to reach into the old-school grab bag to keep their clients happy?? BTW, your clients should be happy with RESULTS not with the fact that they dig their workouts because they remind them of Gymboree play dates. It's disturbing that in 2007, a time when we know that unsupported, free weight, compound exercises should be the rule rather than the exception, we are seeing this phenomenon re-appear. Hey, if a guy wants to do 5lb. bicep curls sitting on top of a Swiss ball while his trainer is being paid $80 an hour to spot him (yes he's being SPOTTED in the above pic....), that's his prerogative. Peace.