Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interval tracks on your IPod!

Okay, so I met a great guy named BJ Gaddour at the Chicago Perform Better 3-day summit. BJ has a company called workoutmuse....they create custom MP3 tracks to drive your entire workout! Amazing stuff guys....BJ and Topher Farrell create some incredible tracks with hard driving music and awesome recovery beats. PLEASE check them out....I have had them create custom tabata tracks along with numerous other cardio programs that are 100% dummy proof. Just put on the headphones, press play, and get your butt KICKED. Look for an incredible summer bonus package with workoutmuse and myself putting together various tracks, bonus e-book bonuses, and much more!

BJ and Topher are in the process of creating custom tracks for my CHAOS sport-speed training. These tracks will allow you to, for the first time, train CHAOS by yourself with verbal criven cues and motivating music beats!

Check out workoutmuse will be amazed at the quality of the tracks....I use them every single day!