Monday, July 27, 2009

It's almost here! The Perform Better Summit, Long Beach

If you are a trainer anywhere in Southern California and don't manage to make it to Long Beach this weekend you are MISSING THE BOAT to say the least! Perform Better has once again put on the most incredible contiuning education even the industry has ever seen. 3 days of some of the most amazing professionals in this field and to top it off, you also happen to be in one of the beautiful spots on So.Cal. Get on it folks......if you make it, be sure to say hello!
Some of the speakers this weekend....
Gray Cook, Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, Martin Rooney, Brian Grasso, JC Santana, Robb Rogers, Mark Verstagen, Todd Wright, Todd Durkin, Don Chu, Eric Cressey AND MORE!!