Monday, October 1, 2007

My weekend to remember!

Just got back from my weekend up in Eugene Oregon where I got to see my Cal Golden Bears pull off an amazing win in one of the most hostile college football environments in the country, Autzen Stadium!. On top of that, I got to hang out with my former college strength coach and mentor Robin "the Messiah" Pound (who lives in Portland) and shoot the shit about old times.

Got to be a part of ESPN Gameday with Corso, Herbstreet, Fowler and about 3ooo+ Oregon Duck fans bright and early on worries, though, found some great CAL fans to enjoy the game with!

So what did I come away with? Hmmm...let's see. Well, first off, the University of Oregon has as much of a college environment as any SEC or Big-10 school. Second, CAL is pretty good football team that will give USC everything if can handle and then some come November 10th. 3rd, Desean Jackson IS all that and a bag of Doritos and 4th, I was once again reminded why I love college football so frickin much! Giddy-YUP!