Monday, May 28, 2007

Entering murky waters...

Ever get the feeling that you've just been thrown into a shark tank?! Well, My buddy Alwyn Cosgrove interviewed me for a t-nation article and it is now posted. If you aren't familiar, t-nation is a website that is full of fanatical bodybuilders and lifters etc. The site had grown a reputation of having some brutal visitor responses to many of the articles. The responses would normally get very heated when someone 'unfamiliar' wrote an article (gulp...). Anyway, since mine is an interview and not an article....and having Alwyn (who is a God over there) write it, the folks over there might be a bit kinder than normal. Here's keeping the fingers crossed!
Anyway folks, keep checking in on my website @ as I will continue to add articles and will be getting my personalized services and products page up and going along with our discussion board (already going!). Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day!