Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let's talk PRODUCTS!

I don't want my blogs to start looking like massive advertisements for my favorite products but since it's MY BLOG I guess I'll plug a couple of things today.

The first is what I think is one of the best nutrition plans I have ever seen, The Naked Nutrition Guide developed by Mike Roussell who is pursuing his doctorate in nutrition at Penn State University. Mike has put together one of the simplest, easy to understand eating plans around. Whether you are trying to lose fat, get in shape, or get jacked, you will get there using his eating plans (and my training programs of course!) ; - ). Mike is one sharp guy who also wrote the nutrition chapter to my upcoming book Men's Health Power Training due out this summer. Anyway, check it out....if you're serious about making some physical changes, GET IT!

The second product is one that I guarantee you'll fall in love with. It is the Bonkbreaker energy bar created by one of my ex-athletes Jason Winn. Jason is an avid triathlete who's quest for the perfect energy bar has resulted in this MASTERPIECE! I think this is the best tasting energy bar ever created (and everyone who has tasted it agrees!). If you order a box now, you'll receive a free water bottle (see his site). Oh, and The Bonkbreaker Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar recently won the a 2006 "Best Of" award from Competitor Magazine (no small feat for a small independent company!). Yummy!!!