Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Those Damn Hungarians....Scots....Vegans!

Okay, so just about everyone has heard of the vegan parents who were responsible for the death of their 6 week old infant. The baby was a mere 3 1/2lbs. at the time of death and died of starvation. The parents were found guilty of malice murder, felony muder, and first degree child cruelty. These (the charges) are a no-brainer folks but the focus of the trial became the fact that the parents were raising their child as a vegan. The parents fed the child only soy milk and apple juice, and apparantly not enough of either. Uhh, am I taking crazy pills here folks? The reason for this child's death was had nothing to do with the fact that the child was a vegan. Had the parents decided to breastfeed (which is common practice with vegans since the animal from which the milk comes from is MOTHER) or at least use soy formula (which is used by hundreds of thousands of parents across the U.S. due to milk allergies), the kid would have had a standing chance. Come on on folks....regular soy milk (which clearly states on the side of each and every box "not to be used as infant formula") and apple juice?!? The reality is that they didn't feed the kid, period.

I emailed the writer of the news story to tell her that it was a ridiculous angle on this case and to get her take on it. She replied that the prosecuters chose to attack the parents vegan lifestyle to make a point that this is an unnatural parenting technique. The reality is that the parents were KILLERS, plain and simple. The headline should have read "stupid parents kill infant", hell, it could have read anything! How about " _______ parents kill infant"? Just place any title in there like Hindu, Muslim, Scottish, Obese etc. All of these are about as relavant as "vegan".

I got sent an editorial by famed carb-hater Dr. Michael Eades called "Veganed to death"....Uh, very dramatic Doc but I would think that common sense would prevail here. Instead, the low-carb champion decided to use this as his chance to attack all things vegan and to blame veganism for a variety of ailments and diseases. Nice try Doc. We live in a society that is dealing with an epidemic of EXCESS....we are not seeing too many people dying of Rickets, Scurvy and Beri-beri these days.

A vegan who eats adequate calories and has half a brain will 'survive' just fine.