Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Bigger, Stronger, and Faster...WITHOUT adequate nutrients or rest?!

Okay, so I have just completed our spring testing with all of our athletic teams and, as usual, we see huge improvements in just about every body's lifts, vertical jumps, speed, agility, body comps etc. Hell, these are 18-21 year-old kids.....they are in the prime of their lives..they SHOULD improve if they are training right?? Well, if you saw the sleep, eating, and partying habits of most of these student-athletes you might change this assumption. With all of the talk we hear of nutrient timing, supplementation, active recovery techniques for optimal results etc. you would think that my athletes are doomed regardless of training.

Well, folks I beg to differ as I have seen this year after year after year. I will be the first to say that at the highest levels of competition (professional, Olympic etc.) little tweaks in nutrition, the addition of massage therapy, active rest techniques etc. can probably result in some change in performance. With my kids, however, I think the training trumps everything. Sure, they might be able to see MORE improvements if they eat adequate calories, get more sleep or spend more time on the foam rollers but in general, they get strong, fast, and JACKED on top ramen, mac and cheese, kool aid (with lots of sugar) and x-box till 4am only to have to get up for an 8 o'clock class. How and why do they still get stronger, faster, and gain lean body mass? (especially with all the 'experts' telling us they SHOULDN'T).

Well, I have always said the the human body is extremely resilient and can take a lot more than most people give it credit. We train HARD and we stress building WORK CAPACITY. We will push the envelop but will also pull-back our intensity when it is warranted....and it WORKS. If you want to read more about work capacity or get Personalized Training Programs, visit .