Monday, June 25, 2007


For those of us who caught the BJ Penn vs. Jens Pulver fight on Saturday night, we finally got to see BJ Penn back in SHAPE! I'm SO glad that BJ decided to hire a strength & conditioning coach to work his ass so that we would have a chance to see the 'prodigy' back to old form. Had BJ been in shape when he fought St. Pierre and Hughes, I think he would have EASILY won both fights. I hope BJ decides to stay in the 155's for a while to win the title and clean house a bit. I don't think anyone (including Sean Sherk) can beat him when he's in shape....anybody. BJ is the perfect example of an unbelievable fighter who was missing something very simple......strength and conditioning. Add that into the mix and watch out world.

Early in his career, BJ was considered one of it not THE greatest MMA fighter in the world (pound for pound). There is no indication that can't get back to the top of the mountain again. Keep training brah! for all your strength conditioning needs!