Friday, June 1, 2007

How important is strength training for the endurance athlete?!

I can't even tell you how many times I have talked with endurance athletes about the importance of strength training and I get the reply "well, I run a lot of hills....or Climb a lot on my bike etc." and that this somehow can take the place of a solid strength training routine. Think of it this way, if strength were not one of the BIGGEST factors in a 10k, marathon, or Ironman then why aren't the top females times similar to the top male times?

If you are serious about your endurance performance you NEED to be strength training. The benefits are really will get stronger thus allowing you to drop times in your events and you will also decrease your risk of injury. I write lots of little articles and blurbs for Men's Health magazine and many of them pertain to running and cycling. Just a simple jumping program can improve your running performance and help in your conditioning. Simple strength exercises can also get your body stronger and more resilient. One of my favorite strength training 'things to do' with our endurance athletes are combination lifts. These are total-body exercises that are great for getting the body ready for just about any sort of physical activity. They are also very effective and time efficient...this is obviously very important to endurance athletes who spend LOTS of time on the road and/or in the water etc.

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