Friday, June 8, 2007

How's THIS for a "core" exercise?!

Okay, have you guys ever seen 'stand-up paddle boarding on a long board? It's pretty impressive to say the least, in fact, big wave legend, Laird Hamilton recently completed an amazing trek from London to Dover on a bike then crossed the English Channel via Stand-up paddle board! All this to raise awareness for autisim and an upcoming film on Autism titled "Beautiful Son" by Don and Julianne King.

It took the 6'3 215+lb. Hamilton 5.5 hours to bike the 148 kilometers from London to Dover then, after an hour and a half rest, he took off on the 43 kilometer paddle-board adventure in stormy and rough conditions on the English Channel. He completed the crossing in 6 hours. Oh, and he then covered the 235 kilometer distance from Le Torquet to Paris on his bike in 8.5 hours....why? Because he can.
So why my sudden facination with Laird Hamilton and his Paddle-boarding? Well, I recently read a short article by Jason Winn (an ex-athlete of mine who now owns BonkBreaker energy bars) and how he trains each week with Laird, Don Wildman (Founder of Bally Total Fitness, 9 time Ironman), Chris Chelios (Detroit Red Wings, 23 year veteran), Timmy C (Base player for Rage Against the Machine, AudioSlave), among others. One of the things they do religiously is stand-up paddle board as they feel that it is one of the best core training exercises on the planet. I don't doubt it for a second. I saw a guy doing this out in front of the beach house where we are staying and it looked like WORK just staying up on the board....can you imagine crossing the English Channel on one of these!?!? I officially have a new fitness hero.
Check out the world's best big wave surfer in action!